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An unique offer to play golf

in Prague and surrounding area

7 rounds, na 18 holes each, at your 5 favorite golf courses

  • PGC Monday - Thursday

    6 290 CZK

  • PGC Monday - Sunday

    7 590 CZK

Get the card

Prague Golf Card

established in cooperation with

BlackBridge Zbraslav Loreta Berovice Mstetice

... and offers

7 rounds at you favourite golf courses
The card is transferrable for you and your golfmates
20% discount to golf cart rental
Accompanying child plays for 1 CZK during summer holidays


Use your Prague Golf Card for a tournament

More information on the tournaments will be specified in 2021.


What is the Prague Golf Card?

The Prague Golf Card is the first pioneer offering of a long-term cooperation and joint vision, which is rather unique in the Czech golf environment. It was created in 2018 thanks to the cooperation of five popular golf courses in Prague and the surrounding area. The result was a product where golfers can play seven times in 2020 at premier golf courses for 6 290 CZK.

The entire project was created in cooperation between five golf courses with TeeTime SE, which will provide a simple on-line reservation system, payments and customer portal in a clear and modern user interface. The Prague Golf Card may also be purchased at the reception desks of the five cooperating golf courses, for example also in the form of a gift voucher.

The Prague Golf Card is a step towards a future long-term cooperation which will benefit mainly the golfers in Prague and surrounding areas. In order to make sure that the Prague Golf Card is not a mere “shot-in-the-dark”, the cooperation has been confirmed by contract for three years; however, the entire project foresees a minimum of a 5-year horizon in which the offer to players is intended to expand.


Prague Golf Card offers

• A total of 7 rounds of 18 holes at 5 premier golf courses
• Play at least three different courses, placement of other fees is optional
• Therefore you can play up to 5 games on a single course
• The card is registered to a specific name but is transferrable to your golfmates
• Buy fee for child in your flight for 1 CZK during summer holidays
• You get 20% discount to golf cart rental if you play Prague Golf Card game
• An option to play a round as part of the Prague Golf Card Tour
• The card is valid throughout the year 2021

How can I use the Prague Golf Card?

The card may be purchased already activated to one’s name or as a gift, which the future owner must first activate HERE The card may be activated either on-line here or when you first visit one of the golf courses. The use of the card is then very simple. The easiest way is to make your reservation directly on TeeTime.cz or in the TeeTime mobile application, and then choose your activated Prague Golf Card in the booking guide. Then you are clear to go straight to the golf course. The card can also be used directly at the golf course’s reception desk.

Terms of cancellation of a booked game - you can cancel your reservation 24 hours before your teetime. Within that time, the game will be returned to your card. If you cancel your reservation after the 24-hour deadline, the game will be considered played.

The full wording (in Czech language) of the commercial terms and conditions is available HERE.

Prague Golf Card and children

Come and play golf with children during the summer holidays. For every game from the Prague Golf Card in July and August, you can take one child under 16 years of age - the junior will have a green fee for a symbolic 1 CZK.

Prague Golf Card and basic membership

Do you have a lifetime membership subscription at any of the courses involved? You won't miss a green fee anymore, you can draw a card game for your guest who you invite to a golf round.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to split individual fees to 9-hole rounds?
Unfortunately, the fees cannot be split. If you only manage to play 9 holes, the entire fee will be deducted from your card.

I would like to buy a Prague Golf Card as a gift (perhaps for Christmas). What should I do?
You can buy a PGC as a gift at the reception desk of the golf courses or, if you buy it on-line, you have to choose the „buy the card as a gift“ option. We have the gift vouchers prepared for you so that you can give it to your loved ones and friends.

How many cards can I buy in one year?
You can buy a maximum of 5 cards per purchase. Once the cards have been used, you can buy more.

Is there a possibility of a higher PGC version for better money? Meaning not just 7 games but maybe 20?
Currently the card is only available in this form, but you can buy it repeatedly. We will consider the responses of golfers in the first PGC year and perhaps expand the products or modify them as necessary.

Is it possible to use the card for tournaments?
Yes, you can play a round as part of a club’s tournament on an individual golf course as well as in a canon Prague Golf Card Open.

If I buy the card for myself, can I give it to someone else?
Yes, it is possible to change the holder of a purchased card only until the first check-in.

Is it possible to pay for the card through the Benefit, Benefit Plus or Multisport card program?
Sorry, we do not allow payment through these programs at this moment.

Can I buy the card from home so that I do not need to go to the golf course?
Yes, you can buy it on TeeTime.cz.

What if I wish to play 80 up to 100 rounds per year?
In this case, clubs have prepared individual offers for their members but also for those who do not wish to be bound by membership. Then the card may serve as an additional product for those who wish to play more golf courses.

How about the card for children? Do you offer it under the same conditions as the card for adults?
Yes, the conditions are the same at this moment. However, if interest will be growing for the PGC for children under the age of 16, we will consider adjusting the conditions.

Do people over the age of 60 or students have a discount on the card?
Not at the moment, but we believe that in the second year of cooperation we will be able to offer the PGC also to different age groups.

If you are unclear or have any questions about the Prague Golf Card,
please use the support at: teetime@teetime.cz, or call +420 606 677 894

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