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Weather playground

Course Description

Surprise hidden in the valley of the river Chomutovka

This nine has had a year of operation and it is clear that succeeded. Architect George Velden managed by the roadside near Zatec Prague - Chomutov interesting to mix nine holes - on top of the four holes of the links with the character, then another five hidden in the valley of the river Chomutovka. There you must reckon with water hazards. Course is perfectly embedded in the landscape, its quality after just one year at a very good level. A steadily improving. This year will be completed the final transformation into a cowshed K100 clubhouse with guest house and conference room, and further improves the pitch. Motto local club - golf for all - completely true.

Course Equipment

  • Indoor Golf
  • Accommodation
  • Clubhouse
  • Driving Range
  • Pro Shop
  • Putting Green
  • Club Rentals
  • Hand Trolleys
  • Parking
  • Restaurant

Denní feePá - Ne + svátky 1150,- Kč
Denní feePo - Čt 1050,- Kč
9 jamekPá - Ne + svátky 750,- Kč
9 jamekPo - Čt 650,- Kč
  • Bitozeves3.jpg
  • Bitozeves4.jpg
  • Bitozeves2.jpg


Bitozeves 12, Louny, ZIP code: 440 01

GPS: 50,369722, 13,644167

+420 725 923 022

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1.5.7619.19303, 10.11.2020 10:43 , The number of registered users : 58680